Texas Chapter of American College of Healthcare Administrators
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ACHCA identifies, recognizes, and supports long term care leaders, advocating for their mission and promoting excellence in their profession.


Dynamic leadership forges long-term health care services that are desired, meaningful, successful and efficient.

Mission Statement

The American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) aspires to be the leading force in promoting excellence in leadership among long-term care administrators.


  • The College identifies long-term care leaders
  • The College recognizes long-term care leaders
  • The College supports long-term care leaders
  • The College advocates for the mission of long-term care leaders
  • The College promotes professional excellence among long-term care leaders.

Goals/Performance Objectives

  • Create Financial Viability for ACHCA
  • Implement Quality Programs and Services
  • Enhance Member Satisfaction
  • Promote External Positioning of ACHCA as a Premier LTC Professional Membership Association